MarketTraq·Email™ Features

MarketTraq Email is Smarter Email™ for a lot of reasons. Scroll down through just a few of the powerful, easy to use capabilities that increase the performance of your email when you choose MarketTraq Email™.

Real-time Response Tracking
Track your subscriber opens, clicks, and behavioral actions as they happen. Sign-in to your account to get full details or have the campaign results emailed directly to you.

Dynamic Dashboard
Immediately upon signing-in, track the success of your most recent campaigns. Zoom into the Heat Tracking Map to see where people in the world are interacting with your emails. Look at top performing campaigns to see which offers and subject lines are driving the highest action rates.

Custom Segment Targeting
Use custom segments on any subscriber data points to build segments for geographic, demographic or behavioral targeting. Combine any segments for precision 1:1 email marketing.

Multiple-brand Management
Add multiple domains to your MarketTraq Email account to run different areas of your business or set-up an Agency Account with multiple company brands.

Automated Unsubscribe
MTE handles all unsubscribe, abuse, and suppression needs through a simple automated process.

Personalized Fields
The personalized fields allow you to automatically populate any of your standard or custom data fields, yielding higher response rates by relating directly to your subscribers’ name, location or previous behavior.

Auto Generate Subscription Forms
Use the subscription form to link your website directly to your MTE account automatically adding subscribers and building your mailing list.

Automated Spam Filter Scoring
Immediately upon uploading your creatives MTE will give you a score indicating if simple elements of your creative may be flagged in ISP filters. Catch the mistakes before you deploy your campaigns.

What you see is what you get. If you don’t have any creative services in-house, use this editor to easily create campaigns by adding images and text to build your own creatives. Ask us if you would like custom templates created by Endai’s creative team.

Behavioral Tracking & Targeting
Set-up campaigns to automatically deploy follow-up emails based on subscribers’ actions. Trigger on open, clicks, or actions to target slippage points driving revenue directly to your bottom line.

M-Connect API
Synchronize your database directly to MTE through the M-Connect API. Subscribe, unsubscribe, or trigger out emails automatically or ask how you can customize your API needs.

M-Safe Enhanced Deliverability Service
Sign-up for the M-Safe services to have a dedicated account rep tackle any email deliverability issues and watch as more mail gets through to your subscribers.